A Delicious New Blog!

I’ve been pretty inactive here lately, but I will pick things up again in the fall! As for now, you MUST MUST MUST check out this blog: http://www.chefnicco.blogspot.com/

It is by far the most delicious blog you will ever read. This guy is probably the most talented 20 year old chef you’ll ever find. His recipes are outstanding and wait until you see his pictures. I was starving just after reading the intro.

He is trying to get his name out there and I was so impressed with his blog and his food (yes, I got to try it) that I’m passing on his blog to all of you. Definitely check it out and share the link. He’s worth it. His food is worth it. His blog is worth it.

Not to mention he has a heart of gold and the strongest passion for cooking out of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s overwhelming generous with his food because he simply believes people deserve to eat only the tastiest of dishes. He’s going to be huge so I highly recommend taking a look at his work before he gets so famous you won’t be able to get near his recipes 😉




The Sweetest Restaurant Yet

Upstairs On The Square Menu

Upstairs On The Square Menu

Last night my boyfriend took me to Upstairs On The Square. It’s a fascinating restaurant in Harvard Square (in Cambridge, MA). All I can say is…phenomenal. We scraped our plates clean and didn’t leave a single drop of sauce. Our waitress showed our plates to the chef. Really, she did.

The theme of the restaurant is “party in a box”. The windows in the room we ate in were round, the walls were pink plaid, the booths were crazy shapes. The floors were cheetah print carpet and the stairs were pink and purple. It was Alice in Wonderland-esque. But then, there was the food.


My Honey Ravioli

My Honey Ravioli

I ordered Honey Ravioli as my entrée and my boyfriend ordered the steak. Both were out of this world. Honey ravioli is something I would never think to order, but I’m so glad I did. A deliciously sweet dish that was just one giant ravioli! I’m craving it as I type this.


We ended the meal with their ice cream– vanilla, malted chocolate, and dulce de leche. Also, amazingly delicious. The servers were so kind, the food was SWEEEEET, and the atmosphere was so different. All in all the entire experience was perfect. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are ever in Boston.


Check out their website: CLICK HERE


We were in the upstairs Soiree Dining Room, but for a less expensive, more relaxed atmosphere, they have a downstairs area called the Monday Club Bar. The menu is different, but I’m sure just as incredible.