A Delicious New Blog!

I’ve been pretty inactive here lately, but I will pick things up again in the fall! As for now, you MUST MUST MUST check out this blog: http://www.chefnicco.blogspot.com/

It is by far the most delicious blog you will ever read. This guy is probably the most talented 20 year old chef you’ll ever find. His recipes are outstanding and wait until you see his pictures. I was starving just after reading the intro.

He is trying to get his name out there and I was so impressed with his blog and his food (yes, I got to try it) that I’m passing on his blog to all of you. Definitely check it out and share the link. He’s worth it. His food is worth it. His blog is worth it.

Not to mention he has a heart of gold and the strongest passion for cooking out of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s overwhelming generous with his food because he simply believes people deserve to eat only the tastiest of dishes. He’s going to be huge so I highly recommend taking a look at his work before he gets so famous you won’t be able to get near his recipes 😉




A Sweet, Quick, Complete Breakfast


image from hackthelife.net

We’ve all heard again and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism going, gives you energy to start the day, helps keep you awake, etc. We all know the facts, but none of that changes that when it comes to the mornings all you want to do is keep sleeping. Very few of us wake up early enough to pull together a complete breakfast.

Well, I found 25 great breakfast ideas that are quick and easy. Here are my top 5 favorites:

  1. 60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin in the Microwave (CLICK HERE)
  2. Make Crispy Hashbrowns in a waffle maker! Literally just put the shredded potatoes in the waffle maker.
  3. Apple Rings Dipped in Pancake Batter (CLICK HERE)
  4. 2 Minute Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave (CLICK HERE)
  5. Make French Toast in a crock pot (CLICK HERE)

The rest of the list is available HERE

Not all the recipes are exactly healthy, but a slightly not-so-healthy breakfast is still better than no breakfast. Some of the suggestions are so clever (like keeping prepared pancake batter in a ketchup bottle). Also keeping frozen fruits already portioned and bagged in your freezer can help you make a 30 second smoothie in the morning. Everyone loves smoothies! Believe me, I make them at work…I make A LOT of them at work.

So be healthy and eat your breakfast!

A Sweet Baking Success

So usually when I bake I like to make the sweetest, sometimes chocolate-iest, sugariest creation I can come up with. However, as we all know, that unfortunately leads to less than satisfying health conditions. I’ve been telling myself over and over again to make muffins, but they just seem so boring to me compared to my caramel-filled-white-chocolate-brownie-cake (yes, that’s a real thing and it’s addicting and sickeningly delicious).


I was going to my boyfriend’s sister’s family graduation party last week. I wanted to bring a nice treat for everyone, but his family stays on the healthier side usually. Finally, I had real incentive to make muffins. I wasn’t going to bring just any ordinary batch of muffins though. I decided to go with white-chocolate-raspberry-muffins. And boy did I make the

My White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

My White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

right decision.


The are surprisingly healthier than you would think. Less sugary than blueberry muffins I’ve made in the past (when you exclude the fact that there are chunks [yes I said chunks] of white chocolate in them). I’m happy to say that these muffins were devoured at the party even after the mass of food served by everyone else was finished. Their family is Italian, so as you can imagine, there was a lot of incredible food served that night. I’m so glad my muffins were a part of it.


Healthy baking is possible when we want it to be. I got the recipe from the Golden Book of Baking. Yeah, that’s the actual name of the recipe book haha. So have fun with your baking and even when making the less-fun healthy stuff, it can still be incredibly delicious! 



I love that recipe book. To get it for yourself: CLICK HERE

Also, for the recipe for the insane brownie cake I mentioned earlier: CLICK HERE

***It’s actually a brownie recipe, but I did it in a cake pan to make it a cake 🙂 Either way, it’s delicious.

A Sweet Idea for Portion Control


Coffee Cup Chilaquiles

I don’t know about everyone else, but on the rare occasion that I cook I tend to end up eating too much. The same goes for when I bake…I make 2 dozen cookies and then end up eating them all. Well, I’ve been telling myself my summer diet would start March 1st and well I’m having a tough time so far. I’m eating healthy foods, but I’m eating too much of them.

I discovered a whole list of microwave in a mug snacks. Creating just a mug full of food is a great way to make sure you don’t eat too much! Instead of trying to size down massive recipes and then ultimately messing up the measurements, try these recipes! I’m definitely doing the quiche first.

To see the list of recipes: CLICK HERE

Sweet Cookies for a Rainy Day

I’m home in Connecticut for spring break. None of my friends are home this week, I’m a little bored, and today it just rained and rained and rained. So what better cure for a rainy day than some delicious…and I mean delicious….baking.

At the request of one of my roommates I’ve been meaning to make chocolate chip cookies with Reese’s cups baked in the center. Normally I would have made the cookie dough from scratch, but my mom recently bought a tub of Tollhouse reeses chocolate chip cookies. JPEGchocolate chip cookie dough, so I figured I’d use that. It was a super easy, super quick, super AMAZING bake.

All you have to do is flatten cookie dough in your hand and place a Reese’s cup in the center of the flattened dough. Then wrap the dough around it and form a ball. Just a suggestion though: use less chocolate chips than you usually would for a regular batch of cookies. The chocolate from the Reese’s cup combined with all the chocolate chips can be a little too sweet (if that’s possible).

A great rainy day treat that is easy, fun, and different!

Try it with Oreos as well! Experiment!

Mix Up Sweet Simple Recipes

Baking a nice simple batch of anything is always satisfying. It’s quick and delicious. However, you should have fun with simple recipes. Mix it up! You can make something so simple into something so delicious with just a couple extra steps.

Shortbread is always super easy. It’s just 3 ingredients and doesn’t take very much effort. So, with that extra time you now have…do something fun with it!

I coated my shortbread with chocolate. Some milk chocolate and some dark. Then, I drizzled white chocolate onto them before the first layer of chocolate hardened. It made them so look pretty and as simple as the recipe was…this was no simple flavor.  I sent this batch to my grandma and grandpa (so wholesome) as a little birthday gift. They love their shortbread and they said, “That was by far the best shortbread I have ever tasted.” So, I think it worked 🙂

I used Lindt chocolate bars for the chocolate. I find that they melt really well and obviously Lindt is amazing (any chocolate lover knows this).

If you need a great shortbread recipe this one has had some good reviews: CLICK HERE



My chocolate coated shortbread!

The Cookie Recipe Nobody Can Resist

When you want to make a simply wonderful batch of chocolate chip cookies I’m gonna go ahead and assume you buy a bag of Tollhouse chocolate chips and follow their recipe on the back of the bag. Now, I’m not saying that’s bad. I love Tollhouse. Their baking recipe book is practically my bible. However, I’m gonna go ahead and say: it’s time to mix it up.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips. Just do it. There is a recipe for Reese’s Chewy Chocolate Cookies on the back of the bag. I have never seen anyone eat less than 3 at once. Seriously.

My personal spin on the recipe is to add just a little bit of vegetable oil to make the batter nice and moist. Then again, I’m one of those people who eats half the batter before it makes it into the oven. But, still I think it helps give the cookies the perfect texture.

Happy baking! RECIPE HERE


My reese’s chewy chocolate cookies from last week.