Sweet! It’s World Penguin Day!

According to the WWF it is World Penguin Day! Galapagos Penguins are unfortunately endangered, which is not so sweet. BUT this fits into my blog because the fact that we have dedicated a day to these adorable little birds is SWEET.


From the WWF’s Facebook page


Penguins are so adorably awkward. The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT (near my hometown Stamford, CT) had a penguin exhibit for quite some time. It was always my last stop because you know– save the best for last.


An interesting thing about penguins is that they are surprisingly diverse. There are penguins in the arctic, but there are also penguins near the nice warm equator. The Galapagos Penguins have adapted to live in a tropical climate. There are also African Penguins that live in my favorite place– South Africa. My family is South African and I remember being a child and visiting and being astounded that there were penguins. So yes, fun fact: penguins live in warm and freezing weather. What awesome little flightless birds.


So to help the Galapagos Penguins we need to stop the government from slashing the budget for environment conservation!

To help the issue: CLICK HERE

The WWF is urging people to write to their representatives to discourage budget cuts from such an important cause! Clicking that link will take you to the WWF page that has basically written a letter for you. You just have to put the address, your representative’s name, and your name! Penguins are adorable– help them out. It takes 5 minutes.


Sweet Beasts

I’m on a stumbling rampage right now. That’s what snow does to me.

98412I found a page that had 6 ADORABLE stories of pet beasts. There is a story of a young boy who is best friends with a 20 foot python. A man with a pet hippo (hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa…keep that in mind). There is a man who has a lion friend and a couple other really great bonds.

I love this stuff. I think it goes to show that it doesn’t matter who or what you are, if there is a special bond there, it’s there. Always cherish your relationships, whether they are with a 20 foot snake or your mother. They are important and they are beautiful.

I want a panda best friend!

To read these stories: CLICK HERE