Sweet Victory for British Circus Animals!


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I’m thrilled to write this post. I complain about the circus all the time and recently the ASPCA was sued over what they said about animal cruelty in the circus (who the F sues the ASPCA?!). England has gotten it right though! They have made a move in Parliament to ban the use of wild animals in the circus starting in 2015. There was overwhelming support for this by the British public.

When one stops to think about it, the circus is horribly cruel. The tricks animals perform are for starters NOT fun for them and second of all they are often very painful for them for perform! Elephants aren’t meant to be stuck in a cage and dragged across the country. They are meant to be in the wild covered in dirt and mud…not face paint and idiotic props. The circus has angered me for a long time and I only went to one once. Never again. These poor poor animals are FINALLY being saved. Time for American to jump on the band wagon please!

To read more about this from PETA: CLICK HERE


A Sweet Bill in Congress: PUPS (The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act)


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With vigorous effort from the ASPCA, a bill is currently being passed around congress to end cruel puppy mills. Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding operations that produce a massive number of puppies each year. This sounds great because puppies are awesome and all, but these puppies are born into awful conditions. Puppy mills are often very crowded and the pups aren’t provided with the proper veterinary care, food, socialization, and love. These places value profit over the well being of these sweet animals.


PUPS is trying to solve the unfortunate loophole people have found in the previous act. By selling puppies online people are avoiding investigation from the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). People who sell directly to pet stores or puppy brokers are subject to oversight by the USDA, but not those using the internet. Times have changed and so must the laws protecting animal rights.


My parents taught me about the cruelty of puppy mills when I was about 13 years old. I was looking online for a dog to convince my parents to adopt. I found a million of course. My parents told me I had to make sure it wasn’t from a puppy mill. When I asked why, they explained. I’m so glad to see this issue surfacing today. Poor puppies need love and attention and proper care!¬†Take the pledge to help end puppy mills by avoiding stores who sell puppies!


To take the pledge: CLICK HERE

To read more about this from the ASPCA website: CLICK HERE