A Sweet and Affordable Vacation: Maine

Maine is so underrated. SO underrated. Everyone around here flocks to Newport, Cape Cod, Block Island, the Hamptons, all those places. I’m not saying those places aren’t beautiful and great vacation spots. However, $– enough said.


Maine, though a bit more of a drive, is just as beautiful and has a more diverse environment. There are the rocky coastline cliff walks, beautiful soft sandy beaches, those touristy beach towns we all hate to admit we love, incredible national parks, the Eastern Trail which runs through the entire state, whale watching, fantastic hiking, great lobster (duh), and way more.


My parents bought a small vacation house near Kennebunk port (a little outside of it for privacy reasons). At first, I said “Really? Maine?” But now it’s my new favorite place. As cold as the water is, the beaches are so nice and depending on where you go, they are a lot more spacious than overcrowded Cape Cod beaches. Also, the hiking is really scenic. It’s the kind of place where you lose yourself in nature.


When I got up there last week I was shocked by how much clearer the air is compared to Boston. I could really breathe. People were more relaxed, the food was tastier than many of the high class restaraunts I’ve been trying in Boston, and the atmosphere was pure and calm. I really needed the peace Maine brought me.


So for real, if you want to go on a great vacation with the family, your significant other, or even alone, consider Maine. It’s everything you could want in a summer vacation without the Martha’s Vineyard price. Again, not putting down Martha’s Vineyard…if I could, I would.


Check out some of my pictures from my trip last week, they just might convince you šŸ™‚ Also feel free to follow me on instagram: samrushh


The Portland Lighthouse in Maine. It’s actually the most photographed lighthouse ever.


The dense woods right outside of Portland, Maine. You could really lose yourself in the nature.


An incredible sunrise on the beach in Kennebunk, Maine.


A shipwreck site on the coast near Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Sad, but cool.


A little birdhouse in my backyard in Maine.


Fortune Rocks Beach– Kind of a gray day though.


The Eastern Trail


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