Eating Sweet Food the Right Way

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Why is it that the foods we love most are always the foods that we should be avoiding? We all know how many chemicals are poured into our favorite snacks, but we can’t help ourselves. Well, we don’t have to completely cut these foods from our diets. We can just make our own! Sure it takes up more time, but it’s your health, so it’s worth the extra effort. I found some pretty easy recipes to healthily replicate your favorite junk foods. As long as you use

all natural ingredients, these recipes will help clean up your diet a bit. Let’s admit it, we could all use some healthy snacks…summer is just around the corner!

For a healthier version of everyone’s favorite snack that smiles back try this recipe. In fact you can replace all those highly addictive cheesy cracker snacks with this healthier, more natural recipe.

Gold Fish: click here

A great way to curb dessert cravings is with a deliciously fruity Fig Newton. Make them yourself with this recipe:

Fig Newtons: click here

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t just love Oreos. I don’t think we really want to know what that amazing cream filling is actually made of though. Avoid finding out the ugly truth and make your own!

Oreos: click here

While Poptarts will never be a healthy breakfast, they are certainly a tasty way to start your day. Make your own and avoid all those nasty preservatives with this recipe:

Poptarts: click here


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