Mix Up Sweet Simple Recipes

Baking a nice simple batch of anything is always satisfying. It’s quick and delicious. However, you should have fun with simple recipes. Mix it up! You can make something so simple into something so delicious with just a couple extra steps.

Shortbread is always super easy. It’s just 3 ingredients and doesn’t take very much effort. So, with that extra time you now have…do something fun with it!

I coated my shortbread with chocolate. Some milk chocolate and some dark. Then, I drizzled white chocolate onto them before the first layer of chocolate hardened. It made them so look pretty and as simple as the recipe was…this was no simple flavor.  I sent this batch to my grandma and grandpa (so wholesome) as a little birthday gift. They love their shortbread and they said, “That was by far the best shortbread I have ever tasted.” So, I think it worked 🙂

I used Lindt chocolate bars for the chocolate. I find that they melt really well and obviously Lindt is amazing (any chocolate lover knows this).

If you need a great shortbread recipe this one has had some good reviews: CLICK HERE



My chocolate coated shortbread!


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